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Election RESULTS
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Waterford Twp Residents Stood Shoulder to Shoulder to Defeat the Maressa/Condo/Finnerty/Hurley/Richardson Machine and bring the town back to the PEOPLE!
Merlino/Critelli  61%
Condo/Finnerty 39%

The Town Stood Shoulder to Shoulder
They Crushed the Large Army of the Machine

  Dist 1Dist 1 Dist 2Dist 2 Dist 3Dist 3 Dist 4Dist 4 Dist 5Dist 5 Dist 6Dist 6 Dist 7Dist 7 Dist 8Dist 8 EARLY 
Member ofLewis9391121521355181237149182614925112027128511 383  
GeneralPertnoy-Schmidt93510204612501812401410152512102511212211659 361  
AssemblyStorck9351020431148161138151014261292511212011558 349  
FreeholdersCapelli, Jr.63491640104217103914101520117198211710537 315  
 McCray6319173710441811331181422116136211710447 298  
TownshipCondo435919411133128592315141810513619179313 3163 
CommitteeFinnerty437101842113713954191412179412517179324 3084 
 Merlino115115174411622114491211191611214821302514151626 4572 
 Critelli115616184511641814511612181610205222292614151424 4691 

A comment from a LifeLong Resident
fullname: michael j rohloff
email: XXXXX@gmail.com
comments: Thanx to everyone who got the vote out for Critelli and Merlino.Lets keep abreast of our town happenings,complacency made the machine that were trying to straighten out

Our investigative reporter Sherry Bindelhaus will be doing an indepth look at election shenanigans. Be sure to read this weekend special!

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This was the First Game of a Two Game Series!
PEOPLE - 1  Machine 0

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